about Green Earth


In association with a family of international partners since 2001 US Green Earth has been utilizing the production of 38 state of the art automatic production lines with annual capacity of over 40,000 tons in a factory that is over 1,800,000 square feet. With over 1400 employees US Green Earth is one of the largest pulp and fiber disposables manufacturers in the world making biodegradable paper plates, bowls, trays, clamshells, cups and cutlery. The raw material that is used is from natural plant fibers such as bagasse, bamboo, couch grass, paper and wheat straw, which are all sustainable, fast growing, easily compostable and eco-friendly.

US Green Earth products have also all been certified by FDA, BRC, BPI, OK-Compost, NSF, ISO9001 and ISO14001. Green Earth prides itself on delivering outstanding quality at competitive prices that enables a dynamic win-win partnership with our global customers.


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